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Question Groups Import

Discussion created by Andrea G Schmidt on Mar 27, 2019
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I've been doing some testing with bulk importing, (Common Cartridge and QTI zip), classic quizzes and importing individual quiz (qti zip) files into an Item Bank.


Importing a classic quiz which contains question groups that were created by adding the questions right into the group in the quiz, (not pulling from a question bank), does not display any errors and if published, actually works for the student. (The correct number of questions/points and the questions from that question group in the classic quiz are all correct.) Unfortunately, there is no way for the instructor to be able to view or edit these questions. I did file a ticket for question groups created inside the quiz itself.


Below is a screen shot from an imported quiz that uses question groups created right in the classic quiz:


For random draw quizzes created in classic quizzes, when they import, errors display on the page when the imported quiz is opened. I have been able to get around that by importing a quiz into Item Banks for each bank used in classic quizzes, (include all questions), then just selecting the new Item Bank for each random draw part.




Has anyone discovered a way to access the questions as an instructor when they come from Question Groups created inside the quiz itself and not from a question bank?