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Videos not working in Canvas inside a prison environment

Question asked by Jennifer Kobrin on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Kristin Lundstrum

Help to all Canvas users!


We are operating several courses in Canvas inside the Philadelphia county prison system. We have worked with the IT department there to get all of the proper links whitelisted, and enable the images, links, and file downloads.


However, we cannot seem to get the videos working. So far we have tried:


-whitelisting the link supplied by Canvas:


-downloading all of the videos from their web-based location (mostly youtube), and uploading directly into Canvas. Below is the HTML code on one of the pages where the video was uploaded to Canvas


<p><a id="media_comment_m-4LriHvwncZuvCUY4Y9yRcnoh52UknG53" class="instructure_inline_media_comment video_comment" data-media_comment_type="video"></a><br /> </p>


The prison environment is very restrictive, but I can't understand why the images and file downloads are available, and not the videos.


Thanks Canvas Community.