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Box app broken?

Question asked by Michael Zimmerman on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Michael Zimmerman

We've just noticed that our Box integration, using the standard app from the Edu App Center (Edu App Center ) is broken.  When you try to connect to Box using the app from anywhere in Canvas, it gives a "We're sorry but something went wrong..." message



Is anybody else seeing similar problems with the Box integration?


Initially I thought it might have been our two-factor authentication on Box, which is relatively new, but the LTI actually doesn't link straight to any particular Box instance as far as I can tell, so "visitors" using local authentication and a personal Box account should be able to use it even if there's a problem with our school's Box authentication.  But it breaks before even gets around to asking those users to authorize Canvas to access their Box accounts.


I'd appreciate hearing form other Box users if they are seeing the same think in Canvas.