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Quizzes.Next - things that need to be fixed

Discussion created by Paul Rettey on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Paul Rettey

I took my first tour of the tool and frankly i'm very concerned at this development for a number of reasons. I would say the whole dev process of was poorly conceived in order to fit into an LTI. I think a bad decision was made early on its dev and that decision has affected the entire implementation.


1. Navigation. It has been mentioned here before that navigation is not good. It breaks UI/UX:

  •       Course navigation disappears
  •       The 'Return' button is not descriptive and is a hack to get out of the LTI and back to course


2. Frame within frames? who still does that now? again this is to fit the LTI

3. in the assignment, menu but not in the Quizzes menu? Again a hack in order to use the LTI functionality of the Assignment to access

4. Functionality has been lost, ungraded surveys no longer exists. And this is meant to replace the existing quiz? The ungraded survey wasn't perfect but I'd have preferred to have had it than nothing.

5. Circle of death while items load from the external LTI. Classic quizzes was faster. How is this an improvement?


These are very serious issues that need addressing, navigation is broken in a number of ways and the functionality available is reduced.