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Can I Grant A Student Access To A Published Assignment In An Unpublished Module?

Question asked by Dan Barnett on Apr 6, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Jennifer Carpenter

Hi, everyone,


More and more each semester I'm being asked by students, who are facing various life challenges, to make certain assignments available to them in advance of their release date for the class.


All of my assignments are published, but they all appear in weekly modules which are unpublished until the stated release date.


What I'd LIKE to do is make an assignment available to a single student by adding that student to the assignment's release information, entering an earlier release date for the student, and having the student click on the assignment on the Syllabus page where it's listed.


But that doesn't seem to work since the published assignment also appears in an unpublished module, and I THINK the module has to be published, or the assignment removed from the module (temporarily), for the student to access it.


Publishing the module in advance, though, simply confuses other students, and removing assignments and then moving them back into the module is fraught with danger (i.e., I forget a lot!).


Any suggestions?