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Matching Word Banks

Question asked by Kiff Wiemers on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by Cory Chitwood

Is there any way (currently or in to make a word bank and have the system pull from this list a defined amount of words at random?  As of this moment, whenever I want to make a matching question, it is only usable, in-house, meaning all words and concepts are only defined within that one question I have created.  I would like to make subsequent quizzes where I can pull vocabulary from previous units (like I can in question banks) and pull 10 words and definitions from chapter one and 10 words and definitions from chapter 2, but I am not aware of this as an option, just pulling pre-defined groups of questions in, not random words.  Is there at least an outside add-on that integrates this concept within Canvas..?  I have used StudyMate and it can pull from a list of words, but I can't access a "grade" of any kind from my students to assess how they have done on a vocabulary quiz.