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Login redirect possible?

Question asked by Peter Delmeby on Apr 10, 2019
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At the university where I work with Canvas, we have set up single sign-on (SSO) login using SAML. The issue I am having is that from our main university web page we offer personalized links to a logged in students courses in Canvas. This works all fine and dandy when redirecting students to courses that have visibility set to Course or Institution. When they arrive in Canvas, they are logged in to Canvas automatically.


However, when a students clicks a link to a course of visibility Public, they are not automatically logged in, since technically they don't need to due to the course visibility level. I am wondering if there is any trick to "force" a user to login also when being directed to a "public" course? I was hoping one could e.g. redirect the student to our canvas login page with a course redirect parameter supplied in the request...


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