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Issues reported when importing question bank true/false questions

Question asked by James Gerber on Apr 6, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by Kona Jones

When I import an old Canvas course into a new one, I get dozens of "Issues" reported with this link:

There was an error exporting an assessment question - No question type used when trying to parse a qti question


When I click on the link I see the questions in issue, and they are flagged with this message:

This question was imported from an external source. It was a 'Error' question, which is not supported in this quiz tool.



All of the questions in issue are in question banks, and all seem to be True/False questions. Fortunately, none of them are in current use in my Quizzes, and existing True/False questions in my Quizzes import fine with no error messages. I believe I created the problem questions in Canvas but it's possible I imported them from Blackboard several years ago when my institution switched to Canvas. 


Can anyone explain what is happening?