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"Allow threaded replies" mysteriously resetting

Question asked by Jay Savage on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by Katie Venit

Several of our faculty and instructional designers are reporting that "allow threaded replies" is becoming unchecked for forums. It's happening in a number of courses--and to experienced ID's--so user error doesn't seem to be the issue. For instance, here's one report from our Director of Digital Learning:


"I’m experiencing a strange issue with the discussions in Canvas. The option for “allowing threaded replies” is unchecking in the forums. We had a faculty reach out this weekend letting us know her students couldn’t post and this setting was unchecked. While correcting, I looked into the next week’s forum and the setting was correctly checked, however today it was unchecked.


After noticing that, I looked into two other courses and the same issue happened this week with the setting unchecking. It’s super bizarre and I’m not sure why it’s happening but it’s impacting our student engagement."


Is anyone else experiencing anything similar? And if so, were you able to discover the cause?