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Migrate content 'sync_to_s3_and_save_to_shared_brand_config!_for_5'

Question asked by Fredrik Carenborn on Apr 7, 2019



I got a script that will migrate content from one course to 1000 new courses.

In 1 our of 30 I get this strange error when I look into the process:


id : 348
context_id : 412
context_type : User
user_id : 412
tag : sync_to_s3_and_save_to_shared_brand_config!_for_5
completion : 5,0
workflow_state : failed
created_at : 2019-01-24T15:25:40Z
updated_at : 2019-01-24T15:25:44Z
message : Unexpected error, ID: 121150000000000809
url :


What does this mean? Where do I read about these error codes?

When I try to re-migrate to this same course I just get the same error.

Feel a bit lost.