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Unique vendor_guid on outcome csv import

Question asked by PJ Raduta on Apr 8, 2019

We are using outcomes in a number of classes to build rubrics. We compiled several outcomes we use in multiple courses into a csv, formatted so that we can import it into a canvas course.


As others in this community have pointed out, if we try and import the same csv into multiple courses, we run into import errors, the reason being that the 'vendor_guid' field must be unique when uploaded into a new course. So far, we have manually updated these ids for each import, which is cumbersome and requires coordination.


We are looking to scale up the amount of courses in which we use this outcomes bank, and I am wondering if anyone has found a way to circumvent this. I cannot leave the 'vendor_guid' blank, so my only solution right now is to make dozens of duplicate documents, changing these ids.


I have not yet tried the API to upload outcomes, and would be willing to do so if I did not run into the same issue. Has anyone tried this? Our organization is not yet ready for institutional outcomes, but we want to start using the same bank across many of our programs, making it easy for course designers to access and keep consistent.