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What's the difference between copying a course and importing a course?

Question asked by Jennifer Carpenter on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Ken Black

I searched the guides, but I didn't find an easy answer to my question.  I thought that copying a course would be the best option for what I am doing -- writing a course and then "pushing it out" to our 6 high schools.  I was told to make a new course and import the material and NEVER copy.


From what I read in the manuals, it is better to copy than to import due to some of the restrictions on importing.


What we need, is if a change is made in the "Master" class, then the changes need to go automatically to the other classes.  I've been told that this is possible, but I haven't been seeing it.  Do changes require additional copying or importing?


Next year, these course will be Blueprint courses.