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Missing "To Do Notification" when students resubmit assignments

Question asked by Thomas Brecheisen on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2020 by Kona Jones

I use discussions as my main assignment type. Students both upload their work so others can learn from it, and they answer Reflection Questions about what they learned.  I use complete/incomplete grading, and I allow students to resubmit if they receive an Incomplete for their grade.  When they first upload their work, I receive notifications in the To Do list of the Dashboard.  However, when they re-upload their work, I no longer receive notifications in the To Do section of the Dashboard, as they've already received a grade (Incomplete). 

How can I see they're reuploaded without enabling email notifications or plucking around the grade book to see if they happened to resubmit?  I want it to show up on the To Do list.