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Gradebook column order changed upon export

Question asked by Knox Mallette on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by KAREN S BROWNING

Hi all! I've got an instructor who is doing some advanced statistics on his course grades and needs to do those calculations in excel. He has multiple sections of the same course (the content is slightly different between sections, so those sections aren't cross-listed), but there are several common assignments he would like to run his analysis on. He ordered the similar assignments and assignment groups the same way across course sections in his Canvas courses then downloaded each gradebook so all of the relevant columns in excel would be lined up and he could copy & paste all into one spreadsheet.


However, when he (or I) downloads the gradebook as an excel file, the excel's column order is different than what's showing on his Canvas course. To keep the student's grade information private, I'll present the order in a table below:


What Shows up in Canvas GradebookWhat Shows up in Excel Spreadsheet
Assignment Group "Quizzes"Assignment Group "Quizzes"
Quizzes, ordered 1-7Quizzes, ordered 1-7
Assignment Group "1st Exam"Assignment Group "Optional Extra Credit"
Exam 1 ScoreOptional E.C. Assignments, ordered 1-5
Assignment Group "2nd Exam"Assignment Group "Extra Credit - Attendance - Required"
Exam 2 ScoreAttendance through March 27th
Assignment Group "Optional Extra Credit"Assignment Group "1st Exam"
Optional E.C. Assignments, ordered 1-5Exam 1 Score
Assignment Group "Extra Credit - Attendance - Required"Assignment Group "2nd Exam"
Attendance through March 27thExam 2 Score


There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason why this is the order. What's also strange is, even though the column order is different, if I re-upload the spreadsheet into Canvas, there are no changes to the gradebook.


The one thread I found that seems to be relevant is below:


The order it seemed to place columns according to the creator of that thread seemed to be:

1. Assignment group, then

2. Assignment (or grade column) ID


However, that doesn't fit what problem my instructor is having.


Any ideas what's going on and/or how I can fix it? Any ideas would be much appreciated! TIA