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Gradebook place holders for when students turn work in

Question asked by Rachel Sudhakaran on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Randy Orwin

When a student turns in a text entry submission the gradebook puts  a T  in the students' "Grades" view. Why doesn't the gradebook do the same for when a website url submission is turned in as well? 


I am working diligently with my students to go to "Grades" at the beginning of class and work on missing classwork. When the website url submission doesn't give any type of place holder to indicate (to the kids) they have turned in the assignment (and waiting for teacher feedback) they get confused. 


This would also be helpful for a teacher to see when responding to a student's email about an assignment not yet graded...I can quickly open a child's gradebook and open the specific assignment, without them giving me the assignment name.