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Why does my Quiz point value display incorrectly on Quizzes page and Correctly on Assignments page?

Question asked by Cryssel Vera on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Cryssel Vera

An instructor reported that the point value for a Quiz is being presented differently on the main Assignments page and on the Quizzes page. I was able to replicate the issue where each of the questions are at .25 points each and there are a total of 3 questions. On the Assignments page, when I browse for the quiz, the description displays the quiz title and the due date and points as .75 however when I go to the Quizzes page, the description and dates appear fine but the quiz points display as 1 point. When I click on the quiz name the points display correctly. Why would the point values display differently on Assignments and on Quizzes? It seems to be that the Quizzes page view rounds up to 1 pt. even though the quiz is only worth .75 points. This is true whether I use question groups or not. I've attached the images.