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Excuse late penalty in new gradebook from within speedgrader

Question asked by Richard Gardner on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Richard Gardner

I use the new gradebook, and it is set to apply a late penalty. I know how to excuse it from the gradebook. But when I'm in speedgrader, going from one student to the next, occasionally I come across a late submission that I would like to excuse. Is it possible to excuse it from speedgrader, or do I have to exit speedgrader, and then manually excuse it, and then go back to speed grader to resume my grading? This costs me time, but my other solution has been to just remember to go back when I'm finished with all the students in speedgrader to excuse those student(s) who have a legit reason for being late--but then I have to remember to do that, and and remember who they are. It would be wonderful if I knew how to simply excuse the late penalty from within speedgrader itself.