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Mobile Application: SSO and multiple AuthN mechanisms

Question asked by John Breen on Apr 18, 2019
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We have a canvas catalog instance and we are currently supporting multiple ways for a user to authenticate to the service: local canvas login, and through an OIDC federation. We have run in to a problem where mobile users will experience issues since the mobile application can not dynamically let a user choose which method they want to use. So, my question is can canvas support any of the following:


1) Let us register our instance multiple times so it is searchable in the school selection drop-down? It would look like this in the drop-down:

University of Pennsylvania Online Learning -> this would take the user to local canvas login.

University of Pennsylvania MEHP -> this would take the user to the OIDC identity provider.


2) Another alternative would be to just make one drop down selection for one authentication type and allow other users to type in the domain name to go to the other authentication type (e.g. type the full domain in the text field of the mobile application).


Our desire is to be able to support OIDC federated login AND canvas local login through the mobile application for this Canvas instance. I understand there is a double finger double tap "trick" to get the "Canvas Login" to appear in the application, but we really don't think end-users are going to be able to do that. Furthermore, that would not solve the problem if we ever had to introduce a 3rd authentication mechanism.