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Edit Group in New Quiz w/o Changing Old Quiz

Question asked by Rhonda Reid on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by Nicholas Jones

I have created tests using groups, and I must say I just love the ability to randomize questions and answers; most helpful with testing security. I am going to use these groups in my final exam. My final will be each of the five unit groups, with Canvas pulling 20 questions from each group. In the original groups, Canvas pulled 50 questions. I would like to be able to simply add the groups I've already created to a new quiz and edit the group settings for each group for the 20 question pull rather than 50. Primary question: Can I do this without causing the original quizzes to be affected?


ADDENDUM. I am continuing to work on my quiz and now have another/related question: Can I use previously created groups in new quizzes at all and, if so, how to I get to the group to add it to a new quiz?


Thank you for any and all help! :-) ~Rhonda