Robert Tuskey

No Document Markup in Web Interface

Discussion created by Robert Tuskey on Apr 25, 2019

When Canvas got rid of the Croc-o-Doc web markup interface, those of us with Microsoft devices were no longer able to use a pen to mark up documents. This was a large part of my online course in calculus. By searching these forums I have found that an iPad Pro with pencil will do just fine. Great. But, the Teacher App does not have a gradebook and only some of my grades are for submissions, many are for face to face paper assignments. I use Canvas for all my face to face classes as well as online classes and use the gradebook every day.


Since there is no Microsoft App for Canvas, and the Teacher App for iOS doesn't have a gradebook for me to enter my in-class grades, my usable options are not clear. I've tried using the web interface on iOS and enter through my school's portal. The gradebook shows but is flakey and hard to use on my iPhone. When trying to enter class grades for an exam, I am presented with a keyboard and not a num-pad. Terrible to use. If this changes on a larger screen when using an iPad then maybe I have a final solution for entering grades and marking up document submissions all at the same time. 


Canvas, please put usable access to the gradebook in the Teacher App. I don't want to spend the money for new equipment if Canvas will only be partially operational for me.


Thanks for reading, and, any advice anyone?


Joliet Junior College, IL