Timothy Lampley

Recommendations for Organizing Bookmarks, Followings, and Groups (Oh My!)

Discussion created by Timothy Lampley Champion on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 11, 2019 by Gregory Beyrer

Good Morning Fellow Canvasphiles!


To be sure, there are a myriad of helpful, exciting resources available in our Community!  As a matter of fact, I "geek-out" and feel like a kid in a virtual candy-store!


Of course, this requires us to  determine how we better harvest these sweet-fruits, from this cornucopia of Canvas informational delights!


To the point then:

I would like to start an ongoing conversation about the various strategies, tactics, and techniques Canvas Community Members use to sort this available information into manageable, and digestible partitions.


In advance, thank you for being willing to share--not with just me, though I need the assistance--but the entire Community your sorting strategies!


Oh!  I almost forgot, if you think this discussion would provide increased value to currently un-reached members of the community would you be so kind as to share this out?  Who knows?  There may be other answers and considerations whereby we may further enhance our organizational skills and be of better service: to our local institutions, to Instructure, and most importantly--to all users everywhere!


Forgive me...I can feel the "geeking-out" coming on, as I anticipate your wonderful contributions!


Speaking, or writing about WONDERFUL, I hope your day would be just that!