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Where's the "fast" feedback button?

Question asked by Norman Johnson on Apr 24, 2019

Where can we give FEEDBACK on how Canvas is working?

I just went through the I-Learn introduction to Canvas and encountered a number of issues, including:

1. The displays of the screens are too small to read. I experienced this during last semester. INTERESTINGLY, the I-Learn page showed the "external link" icon, and when I clicked on it, then a new tab was opened and I could see the pages better. [A HINT to use the Link to see the screen better would be helpful.]

2. A FEEDBACK button would be helpful so we don't have to hunt for where to give feedback. This would enable us to give that feedback in a more timely (and less time consuming way) so we can have the issues in front of us when it arises.

I could go on, but I've said enough for now. I have coursework to do!



Norman Johnson