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Tips for quiz result export?

Question asked by Gerdien Schriek on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by Ken Black


Some of our teachers and program coordinators are experiencing problems with the csv when exporting quiz results: when students fill in (or copy text to) essay questions, the results in the csv file seem to become messed up and unreadable. So when they turn the csv into an excel file (via data > to columns) with readable rows and columns, it looks like the file does not show the answers in a correct way (answers in wrong rows/columns, empty cells etc). It seems that the only way is to doublecheck with the results per student on Canvas and then re-arrange them in the excel file by copy/cut and paste...
Are there any tips/tricks or do's / don'ts concerning setting up the quiz with both multiple choice and essay questions or the export file that will make their life a bit easier?


Thanks in advance!