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Can I set a new default for the "lateness" setting in Roll Call?

Question asked by Joel Coehoorn on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by Travis Eacona

I'm a new Canvas Admin on a self-hosted system, but learning fast. We're using canvas for many traditional seated courses, where we also want to use the Roll Call LTI tool for attendance. I have the tool installed and connected to Canvas (and without docker, let me tell you what a pain that was). I see there is a setting within Roll Call with this description:


A lateness counts as what percent of a presence?

The default value here is 80% (ie, 5 absences is the equivalent of having skipped class completely). Our institutional policy is 3 tardies counts as an absence, and so I'd like to change the default value here to 66%. Even better if I could lock this particular setting, but if I can just find how to change the default audits will be enough. 


Any idea how I can do this?