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OneNote Notebook LTI

Question asked by Kaitlyn Thursby on Apr 28, 2019
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Is it possible to link a previously created Class Notebook to a newly created course in Canvas?  My scouring of the questions and ideas in canvas would lead me to conclude, "no".  Anyone have a way to do this?


Is it possible to link multiple separate Class Notebooks to a single course?  I have several separate sections within my Canvas course, and I would like to keep my ClassNotebook organized into these sections.  Before using the LTI, I had a separate notebook for each separate section.


Here's my current situation.  In my OneNote desktop app, I have the connection established to Canvas.  I can go into each of my already created Class Notebooks (4 different notebooks, one for each section of the same course).  OneNote seems to allow me to map each separate notebook to the same course in Canvas, and seems to allow me to map each student to the Canvas students, but the students don't see these notebooks within Canvas.