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Question asked by Bruce Cole on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Kona Jones

When a program or subject is being co-taught by a team of teachers, how can Canvas be set up to facilitate the unique assignment and grading circumstances brought on by that teaching model.  For instance... I teach a four-year JROTC program along with two other teachers.  The curriculum is specific to the year the student is in; however, not all "first-year" students are Freshmen -- a Senior could be a first-year student.  Each instructor has a mix of Freshmen through Seniors in each class period.  Those students stay in their instructor's classroom only long enough to take attendance.  On a given day, I may be teaching Navigation to all the Juniors and Seniors (from all three classrooms), another instructor may be teaching Leadership Principles to all the Freshman, and another instructor would have the Sophomores doing something else.  The problem that I'm trying to solve is this:  When I give an assignment as part of a lesson that I taught, I'm assigning it to the students of the other two instructors as well.  Problem is, the students of the other instructors cannot see my assignments and I cannot grade their submissions through Canvas.  The school created a common "shell" for the program, but the only "people" in it are the three instructors - so that's not helpful at all.  Is there any fix for this? 


Thanks in advance.