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Announcement Email Options

Discussion created by George Guba on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Susan Nugent

We are doing a pilot with Canvas for Fall 2019. As I'm working my way through some of the options, I see some potential issues with the use of Announcements and email responses. As I look at how our setup is currently working, I can send a group email to students and it shows up properly for them. However, they can only reply if I set the options for Announcements to Reply Enabled. The student replies show up in my email, but they also show up as replies on the announcement itself. Is there any settings within the course, or for the institution to set it to reply to just the instructor without appearing as a reply as well. 


Working in other systems, a reply only goes to the instructor of the course. In fact, in most cases of student responses to announcements in courses that I've taught over the years, most responses from a student are often personal in nature and shouldn't be public. Without that type of reply to an announcement, I often don't hear from students having issues at all.