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Has anyone created LTI tool provider using Laravel & Vue.js ?

Question asked by Viral Jetani on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Mark Van de Velde

I have created a tool provider for a video website to be integrated into Canvas. 


The launch etc is working fine even the video search/selection is working fine when adding to the Modules tab. 


Now when I try to use the same tool in the Rich Text Editor, its not able to embed videos in the RTE.. I would like to embed selected video to the rich text editor on click of a Embed button. 


I am unsure how that request should be sent and how the iframe of canvas will close on embed reqeust.. 

If anyone implemented similar scenario please get in touch or comment below. 

I am pretty new to the LTI just have read the basics but cant figure out the advanced things.. Any help would be appreciated.