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Two! Two! Two assignments in one!

Question asked by David Dumonde on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by Randy Orwin

SOLVED (MAYBE): While writing this post I think I came up with a possible solution: create a duplicate of each assignment: Assignment 1 (assigned to everyone in the workshop) and a duplicate Assignment 1a assigned only to specific students who are building two separate courses. My only concern is whether everyone will see A1 and A1a in their Grades, or whether only students assigned to A1a will see the second assignment. Off to play in a sandbox and see what happens!


TL;DR: How can I have a single "student" submit two different assignments to each Canvas assignment? I'm looking for a different approach than just resubmit.


We use Canvas in our course development workshop by enrolling our SMEs into a workshop "course" where we track the progress of each SME's course development. The SMEs are also given a DEV (development) course where they develop their course content module by module. When they finish a module in their DEV course, they submit a link to the module in an assignment in the workshop course to alert the workshop facilitator and the program director that the module is ready for review, and it is marked complete/incomplete. This part works great, and it gives the SMEs an opportunity to see Canvas from the student side.


So now I am having cases where one SME has been asked to develop two different courses at once. I did this once before by simply having the SME submit two different links to the same assignment, one for each course they're developing. The issue is that I can't cleanly separate the progress for the two courses with only one Complete/Incomplete assignment for each module. So I'm looking for a way that the progress for the two courses might be tracked separately with a single SME-student enrollment, but still keep things simple for the SME to submit.


I think this will probably mean assigning the SME to two separate sections or groups, but I'm having trouble thinking through how this will work both for the SME and the workshop facilitator. So what happens if I put one "student" in two sections? Or one in two groups? Will either of these approaches do what I want? Can you think of any downsides to using either approach?


And for clarity, it's a piece of cake to give one SME two separate DEV courses for the course builds. It's in the workshop course itself where progress on both courses is tracked through assignment submissions that I'm struggling.


Any thoughts?


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