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Images not displayed when not logged in

Question asked by Gregory Soulliere on May 1, 2019


I have been developing a module within a Canvas course and have been uploading images.  The images have all looked as intended until I noticed today that when I am not logged into Canvas (but have access to the module), none of the images show up.  I have been embedding them via the rich content editor and uploading them with the embed image button; I had been then uploading them to my files.  I thought this might be the problem, so then I tried uploading an image to course files but this didn't work.  Finally, after reading up on the forums, I tried using the menu to the right of the screen with the links, files, and images tabs, using images.  In this case, I chose +upload a new image > choose file > upload, and selected the course file folder, all to no avail.  Again, everything looks find while I'm logged in, and I have access to everything (except quizzes) while not logged in, except that none of the images are displayed.


First, is it possible to see images if not logged into Canvas?  Second, if so, how?


Thank you!