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one student, multiple courses - seeing the big picture?

Question asked by Michelle Moore on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Michelle Moore

One of the things stopping me from really getting into Canvas is that - unlike another LMS I looked at - I can't figure out how to see ALL the courses a student is enrolled in, and their grade or completion rate of each course. Am I just missing this? 


The way I'd like to use Canvas is in a sort of "choose your own adventure" way - for the units, but have those brought together under larger courses. Since they could choose from many units, they would be enrolled in several courses at the same time...


If I could figure out how to do this in Canvas, I could easily keep an eye on students who are enrolling but not completing much, or students who are not enrolling at all. 


Looking in the forums, I keep finding threads on merging courses or multiple sections of a course, but nothing on how to see everything a student is enrolled in - could someone point the way? Thanks!