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Problems with grade changes with Canvas and Skyward

Question asked by Loretta Sumers on May 2, 2019

We use Canvas hooked up with Skyward.  I've had a mess on my hands for 2 six weeks now trying to change grades.  The Canvas tech person in our district advised me to "First, you need to submit a Grade Change Request in Skyward.  Once the Skyward Gradebook is unlocked, then you can go to Canvas and go to your course and the Grades section and click on the Skyward GPB button again.  It will then pass the grade into the opened Skyward Gradebook.  Once the grade is reflected in the Skyward gradebook, you can complete the grade change request in Skyward."  This did not work, and I tried 5 different times.  Does anyone else have another suggestion.  I'm at the point now of going back and editing the assignments in Canvas so that I can just put the grades in Skyward, but I feel as though there must be a better way.  Please help if you can!  Thanks, Lorey