Joan York

Engaging CBT?

Discussion created by Joan York on May 3, 2019

Hello IDs,

I just moved into a new position where I will be designing non-credit professional development online training.  Previously, I worked mostly with for-credit university courses, which, of course, are instructor-led.  I was initially wondering about using Bridge or another "corporate" LMS.  However, it looks like we will still be using Canvas, but now with Catalog and Articulate (Storyline & Rise) courses imported.  


Many courses of the courses I design now will not be instructor-led, and this concerns me.  I've been forced to take CBT and most are horrible--dehumanizing and ineffective for learning.  The challenge will be to build in interaction and (automatic) feedback and somehow achieve "social presence".  Has anyone had success with building these kinds of courses in Canvas?