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Reorder Questions in Question Bank

Question asked by Katie Loughrist on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by Alan Ashbaugh



As I am creating questions in the question bank, I realize that I would like them to be in a different order. I know that they will be in a new order when I pull them into the quiz randomly, but as I am working on them, I would like to be able to drag them up and down as you can within a quiz. (I know how to move or copy questions between banks, but not how to move questions within the same bank.)


I see that the question bank automatically alphabetizes them when you refresh the page. In one instance, I began labeling the questions 01, 02, 03, etc. However, I sometimes decide to add a question later on, and I want it to go between questions 45 & 46 for example. My understanding is that this would require me to change the numbering for all the questions (something I would not be willing to do).


This is basically something I want for my own sanity. It helps me know how many questions I've written for each section of my quiz, which order the questions should go in, etc. I basically want to make my question bank nearly identical to the quiz before pulling them in. When I have a lot of questions in a bank, it becomes rather unwieldy.