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Did I miss the Late Work penalty feature changing to whole numbers?

Question asked by David White on May 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 4, 2019 by David White

Okay, I was looking over grades and having an uneasy feeling about certain grades "looking wrong," and I went to check the Settings and saw that no late work was being penalized.  I was unhappy because I (thought I had) previously set all late work to be penalized at 0.5% per hour (writing assignments, community college, etc), and now I don't have the option to set it in the form of a decimal or fraction.  I USED to be able to do this as recently as last semester.  Did I miss the memo, or is there a trick involved that I have seemingly forgotten?


UPDATE: checking against other current Canvas shells, and the 0.5% penalty IS active in those other sections.  I dare not try changing those right now, as that would mess a lot of folks up if I couldn't go back to that level.  The workaround in the one "whole number" shell is to cut everyone's late hours tally by 50%, which has the same net effect but is very cumbersome to execute.