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I hope that the student data being collected will be valid rather then subjective data?

Question asked by Nura Billings on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by James Jones

I hope that this will be considered in the coming months. I believe that to be effective in record keeping of submissions ranging in exams, quizzes, assignments, and third party websites and all discussion post should be permanent and not replaced when resubmission is made. It should have the ability to clearly show all submissions and tests taken. The fact that the application allows for so much to be modified casts doubt on how valid the data actually is. Because the lack of accountability on the administrative side shows that the purpose of canvas is not for the benefit of all parties utilizing the application, but rather centered focus on one side. 


Think of it like this when you forget about the students importance and the need to protect students work from being deleted, muted, or even how many different times a student had resubmitted work then whats the point? If the reason of collection isn’t to keep track of students work and interaction, as well as, the instructors and students activity on the platform than what’s the point? 


Don’t forget about the students, no more resets and deletes, mutes instead keep track of the submissions. Even if it’s not the final one it should still be accounted for. Time stamps of any and all interaction on both student and instructor side should prove valid record keeping or it becomes questionable. 


When will you allow students the ability to view canvas data on their account? Part of FERPA says we are allowed to access our record that is on file when requested. Will this be allowed and how does a student request this information?