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Restricted access in Cuba > problematic

Discussion created by Bram Bruggeman on May 6, 2019
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Here at the Belgian university in Brussels (VUB) a number of faculties have collaboration activities with Cuban universities. 

Cuba is denied access to Canvas because of US regulations. This is a big problem for us! And even in violation with European Union regulations. According to the EU we should be allowed interchange with Cuba or other countries, except/unless when there is an embargo from the UN. The fact that we are restricted to collaborate with Cuba is according to US regulations, not the EU or UN.

> I realise that we will be unable to do something about that, but I need to create collaborations with that Cuban university in some Canvas courses. 

> Any ideas on how to solve this?? For now, the only option I see is installing a local version of Canvas on our .be domain ... Or going to Moodle or something else open source, which I really don't want to do, because we are very happy with Canvas.


Any help/ideas much appreciated.