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Question asked by Belinda Stutzman on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Belinda Stutzman

I have some questions about the To-Do list.  First of all, when I click on the calendar and then the plus button, I see that I can add things to my to do list.  I fill out the information and I can see it get added to the calendar and to the agenda view, but why doesn't it also show in the right hand side bar under the other to-do items?


Also, if I make an event for the same day it only show up for "coming up" rather than the to-do in the dashboard view. 


We have noticed lots more students this year saying, "I didn't know we had HW because it wasn't on my To Do list on Canvas", even though the HW was (1) listed as an Event on the calendar,  (2) sometimes also listed as an Assignment on the Calendar (with "no submission"), and (3)  written on today's Canvas page in Modules. 
Can anyone clear up the confusion with the to-do list?