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Access Oauth2 for web app (joomla)

Question asked by ian aranguren on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Peter Love

Hi, I'm a developer and I'm making a module in joomla to integrate Canvas API with the extension Events Booking, the idea is this: after payment run a trigger to create the registration of the person in the cource in canvas. My problem now is when I try to generate the Oauth2 token because always ask for credentials to make the authorization and I just registering in joomla a new student for this reason I need a way where I can create the Oauth2 token without this check with the student or I can insert in the call a parameter to pass this information. I cannot create a user for each student and send because this process runing just when the person is register in joomla. Do you have a way to do this process with the developer key and without the authorization credentials check??