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How to avoid "Score does not include X because it has no points possible"?

Question asked by Jake Hartman on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2019 by Kona Jones

I have an assignment group called "Ungraded," which is where I place reading assignments, surveys, etc. that do not have any points associated with them.  I give it a weight of 0% toward the final grade, and assignments in that group are all marked with "Display Grade As: Not Graded."


The annoying thing is that this practice causes a black exclamation mark next to each student's grade, with the message: "Score does not include Ungraded because it has no points possible."


Feature request: if an assignment group has a weight of 0%, do not have it cause this warning message.


I suppose a couple work-arounds are:

* Get rid of the "Ungraded" group and dump all those assignments into some other group that does include graded assignments.

* Add a dummy assignment to the "Ungraded" group and give everyone 1/1 on it.  That won't affect their actual grade, since that assignment group has a weight of 0%.


Unless someone has a better suggestion, I'll probably go with the first option, since it creates no noise on the students' side.