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Hide which student is in which group

Question asked by G Di Maio on May 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Brian Boone

Hello everyone, 


I am working with Canvas for the first time this semester and think it has great features and especially when it comes to the peer reviews. It made my life as teaching assistant much easier by automatically assigning the group essays for peer review.


Our students write essays in groups and need to individually review two other essays. Once they handed their essays in and the deadline passed, Canvas successfully assigned the essays to the students. I want the peer reviews to be completely anonymous. However, some students named their documents according to their groups. Now, students can check in the group section which student is in which group, so they can actually find out whose essay they review. It there a way I can hide from the students which student is in which group? They were allowed to sign up for the groups themselves. 


I am looking forward to some feedback 


Thanks a lot,