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Get All Quiz Submissions, API Bug?

Question asked by Glen Parker on May 13, 2019

.  Looking at the documentation for the Quiz Submissions API it shows that a time_spent value is returned for each recorded attempt which appears to be what I need.  The documentation for "Get all quiz submissions" indicates (emphasis added):


  • "Get a list of all submissions for this quiz. Users who can view or manage grades for a course will have submissions from multiple users returned. A user who can only submit will have only their own submissions returned. When a user has an in-progress submission, only that submission is returned. When there isn't an in-progress quiz_submission, all completed submissions, including previous attempts, are returned."


However it appears that the API does not behave this way.  When a student has more than one attempt, only the most recent attempt is actually returned.  Looking at the source code for Canvas, the issue appears to be in where there is an if statement that ensures all attempts are returned only if the requester is a student.


Can someone verify this behavior?   Is this a bug with the documentation or with the API?