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Questions Missing from Question Banks

Question asked by Gabriele Fariello on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by James Jones

Trying to manage my question banks (under question_banks URL for the course), I can only see 18 questions out of a what should be few hundred (14 in "Unfiled Quesions", 4 in a named bank for a survey). I have posted many dozens of questions this semester and should have about as many in my banks. When editing a quiz, if I select "Find Quiz Question" I see many, but certainly not all, of my questions from over the years (I import data from year-to-year). It appears that even some of the questions included in quizzes this year, however, show up under the "Find Quiz Question" search. How do not I am trying to re-organize all my questions by lecture / course and topic. How do I fix this?