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Cross Listing and Grade Passback (Infinite Campus)

Question asked by KEITH THOMSEN on May 16, 2019
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I would like to cross-list two separate periods together, then cross-list two separate semesters into a single course while maintaining passback of grades and students. Is this possible?


To Clarify:

Below is a picture of my 'people' section in one of my courses. I teach Leadership, which is also Student Council. As such I have multiple different grade levels and responsibility levels, this year I implemented a range of different assignments based on grade and responsibility.


The sections with Yellow Highlights are generated by Infinite Campus and were cross-listed together into a course.

The sections with Blue Underlines were created by me and reflect grade (Junior, Senior, etc...) and Position (EBoard).


I have stopped assigning work to 'everyone' or the yellow highlights. Instead I assign work to their grade or position group. So far it works perfectly. Grades appear in Infinite Campus like clockwork. Students who are not assigned a topic have nothing appear on Canvas, then on Infinite Campus the grade appears as a 'blank'.


Seriously, it works great and I can manage and control everything to a degree that would be impossible without passback or differentiated sections. I love it.


However, if you look at the yellow highlights I have only cross-listed two separate periods (P05 and P06) inside of a single semester (SPR19).


My question is: Can I cross-list two separate semesters (FA19 and SPR20) for two different periods (P05 and P06) into a single course on Canvas and still maintain Infinite Campus passback?


Additional Information: Next year my district is implementing quarters into Canvas. I have used them before in a private Canvas, but never in a Canvas course with Passback enabled. I can't see how this would make a difference to the above, but I wanted to include it.


I'm assuming that it will work if I cross-list everything together as it looks like Infinite Campus is dictated by dates and student SIS IDs, so if the due dates fall in the right time frame for a term it will pass back to the appropriate student and term. However, I also know that de-cross-listing courses is more complicated than cross-listing them, so I'd like to know for sure before I do it next year.