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Can you create a group for teachers?

Question asked by Kendall Dunkelberg on Aug 23, 2015
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I'm fairly new to Canvas and am directing a new academic program. I'd like to create a group, like you might for students, but for teachers in the program. Essentially, I'm looking for a private space where teachers can compare notes, have discussions, post resources, etc. We can do this by email, but it would be nice to do it within Canvas. When I go to People and start a Group, though, the only options for putting people in a group are the students. Teachers don't show up. This kind of thing might be helpful if there were several sections of the same course and all the teachers could have a group space. And it might be useful in that kind of setting to be able to combine students and teachers: to assign students to groups and then assign a teacher to the group in a team-taught class or if you allow students to sign up for groups across sections (say a discussion section that meets online at a certain time).


The main question is: is it possible to include a teacher in a group and/or to create a group of just teachers?

If not, would this be a feature worth suggesting?