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Why does my professors see my word doc blank even though I can see the bytes and data and why is it that this issue continues to exist with no resolution?

Question asked by Katrina Speller on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Michael Zimmerman

My professors keep telling me my word documents are blank. What is odd, is that it seems to occur as soon as I get to week 3. I have escalated multiple times and there is never a resolution.  Due to this issue, a zero was recorded for 2 assignments and it looked as if I failed a class when in reality I did not.  I lost a month out of school so that they could fix an issue.  Now I’m back in class and on Week 3 (3rd assignment) and now professor is stating my document is blank.  I can see my paper and bytes in Waypoint ready to be graded.  I was able to upload document for originality check and view the document for editing purposes.  However, the professor pulls up a blank document?  Why is this happening? Why isn’t there a resolution? Why am I paying a technology fee when the tech does not work? Why aren’t professors reporting the issue? Why does any university use this service without checking out its reliability for all users? Why are the issues experienced not being shared 360? Where is transparency with this program? Does Canvas compliment Waypoint and vice versa? Why is it that tech support has poor customer service, no answers, and sound more confused than any other customer service program?