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Discussion created by Nura Billings on May 18, 2019
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I've noticed that some of the instructors are not allowing students to see the outcome of exams and quizzes. The reason is that they are worried that students will share the test questions online, but that seems to place the course content above the students learning outcome, and it fails to allow a student a chance to reflect on what they were able to grasp, and what it is they need to work on. 

It is a normal part of learning course content, and without being able to reflect on outcomes from exams and quizzes the student is most likely to make that same error in future course work. If students are to learn from their mistakes than the they need the reflection portion of learning. 


It also allows for smart study skills to be used, and it helps with better study habits as students are not questioning what they might have missed and might have correctly answered,because that leads to unproductive and wasted time on everything rather than focusing on content that has been mastered. 


Will students learning outcome become a priority anytime soon, or is it not ever going to be of importance for instructors?