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Renaming a SCORM package in Course SCORM Tool

Question asked by Mirah Lake on May 22, 2019
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I used to be able to do this (as recently as Nov 2018), but somehow something is different or at some point I totally forgot something basic...

When I upload a SCORM package to a course, using the SCORM tool (from course navigation), how can I give the item a unique name? 

I upload multiple SCORM packages developed in Captivate to the same course, and as I make them each graded assignments, I can easily rename the *assignment* to be what I need, but when I go to the SCORM tool from the course navigation, all I see is a list of items titled "Captivate e-Learning Course" ... except for the one that I loaded in November 2018, on which, at the time, I had assigned a specific name. This is a problem because if I need to replace or delete one...I can't easily tell which is which. 

To be clear, ALL of these package zip files had unique file names when I uploaded them, and I didn't change any settings in the publishing. The only thing that seems to have changed is I can't rename the item in Canvas.