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Adjusting due dates when copying a course

Question asked by Belén Rojas on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Belén Rojas

Hi everyone!

I'm having some difficulty with adjusting due dates when copying a course. I mean, I have a "master course" which I copy the live courses from. But the assignments in that master course has their due dates by default. What I'd like is, when copying a course from that master, to adjust the due dates for all the assignments in the new course. I've tried to do that by adding the start and ending date of the new course, but the due dates are still incorrect (they are not the same as the master course though - but aren't correct at all). For example, imagine my new (copied) course starts May 27 2019, but the first set of assignments are not due until June 9 ... When I copy the course from the Master (in which, for example, the starting date is June 11 2018 and the first set of assignments is not due until June 24), that first set of assignments (and the second set, which would be due one week later - June 16 2019) is shown as due May 27 2019 ... To sum up : is there a way to successfully adjust due dates?  

Thank you so much!