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Gradebook not showing all discussion posts

Question asked by Justin Welch on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by James Jones

Dear Canvas Support Team,

I've noticed that in my course the Gradebook feature works fine when I'm grading essay submissions but when I'm grading a discussion post assignment the "speedgrader" feature does not pull all posts from the student in which I'm trying to grade and it makes it very cumbersome to click on the "view full discussion" link in blue to then search the entire discussion thread to ensure the student made the submission per the rubric.


Is there a work around or way to improve this?


Also side note, I love the Teacher Canvas App for iphone! However grading essay assignments within the app doesn't let you swipe right like you can with other assignment folders such as discussion assignments or presentation assignments. I teach MKT 120 Sales & Customer Relations for BYUI. This is only a side bar as the main issue I'm having is the aforementioned.


Would love to find a way to improve the Canvas Gradebook in pulling all the submission per each student so I can quicker and efficiently be a "speedgrader" having to click on the "view full discussion" link and then search the entire thread is very cumbersome.


Thank you!